What is Wisdom Scout?

Feb 3, 2013


Well, I named my business Wisdom Scout, not because I think I am wise, but because I truly enjoy exploring for wisdom.

I revel in the entire process of

  • inquiry,
  • discovery,
  •  investigation and experimentation,
  •  and, finally, synthesis of wise ways of living, leading, and honoring life’ passages.

I have lived my life as a curious seeker of what is helpful, healing, and harmonizing to humans and our relationships with one another. Through the broad exploration of many of the wisdom traditions of the world, and the deeper focused study of a few disciples, disciplines, cultures, and faiths, I have learned much about what it means to be a more compassionate, caring, conscious, loving person, then worked to integrate this wisdom into who and how I am. While I am fallible and imperfect on a daily, if not hourly, basis, my search has allowed me to accept my humanness and given me the courage to live into a higher calling of my particular gifts and talents.

Sacagawea_Lewis_ClarkI am a scout in the two ways we commonly think of scouting:

1)     as in going ahead to seek out important information and/or recruit talent,  as well as,

2)     earning merit (but without the colorful badges) by working to become diversely accomplished and well-prepared to meet whatever situations or conditions are encountered with a level of confidence and grace.

I now serve others, sharing wisdom resources and practices for the wholeness and health of the body, the spirit, the mind and the soul, as well as for communities and organizations.  I imagine myself as a combination of Lewis and Clark and Sacagawea, exploring the territory of life transition and transformation while serving as an interpreter and guide to others who are interested in the journey.

As a teacher-coach (interpreter-guide) at heart, I am called to share what I have learned with others. I help each client discern what he/she most desires to bring forth into his/her life, including short-term goals or life-long aspirations for health, well-being, and flourishing relationships. I then assist them in connecting to their own inner wisdom through a process of teaching, coaching, and consulting in:

  • life and work transitions
  • leadership and communication,
  • writing for healing and legacy
  • mindfulness and awareness practices,
  • therapeutic yoga and breath-work,
  • crafting and creating things that hold personal meaning,
  • ceremonies, especially weddings, and healing rituals across the life-cycle.

All which make up my sweet spot of service.

And the best part is…..every teaching or coaching or ceremony experience is another opportunity to scout for more wisdom as I continually discover new things about myself and how to help others through the wisdom of each person or group with whom I have the privilege of working.

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