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Fueling the Better Angels of Our Natures: Awe

One of the most interesting and uplifting findings around living a long, joyful, healthy life is the power of awe: putting ourselves in the presence of whatever inspires us with awe on a regular basis and then allowing ourselves to become not only curious, but overwhelmed with wonder, reverence, and admiration. The world is filled…

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Being Curious: Crosstraining for Heart and Mind, Body and Soul

An ongoing series of posts around Ways of Being that contribute to our becoming whole and healed in heart and mind, body and soul, that support wholehearted engagement with life: relationships, family, work, and world. Curiosity is a quality of mind and heart that prepares human-beings to more easefully transform themselves into their highest possible…

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Cultivating Cross-Fitness of the Heart and Soul

Being human means we are continuously faced with transitions of one sort or another: predictable and unexpected, joyful and painful, easeful and challenging. A big life question is: how can we learn to navigate through change, living lives of resilience and transformation, even transcendence, rather than of so much frustration, reactivity and stuckness? Navigational support…

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