I offer short-term, one-on-one coaching in central South Carolina. Contact me for more information and/or to set up a free brief introductory phone call to see whether my services would be a good match for your needs. My stance is:

I offer approaches, practices, and ways of working together that strengthen the connection and interplay of body, mind, heart, and soul.

Ontological coaching allows us to be more aware of the possibilities in life, addressing our desire for more effective actions and positive shifts, while including the concerns of our souls.I offer, insights, strategies and tools that support the way human beings operate and engage with life through language, moods and emotions, posture and body awareness, as well as, the ability to self-observe, understand and interpret ourselves and those around us. 

Focusing mainly on our flaws and problems, as we have been acculturated to do, is counter intuitive to true success and growth: where we focus out attention, there goes our energy, and therefore our power. We will assess and begin work from your strengths and aspirations.

For true, integrated transformation to take root, the heart and soul must be welcomed on the journey. Your spiritual, religious, or faith relationship will be respected, honored and valued in our work.