Why Wisdom Scout?

  • You want to acknowledge, honor, and adjust to significant life experiences and transitions.
  • You want to have the energy and stamina to be a purposeful, successful contributor to your work, your family, and your causes.
  • You want to be the kind of partner, parent, family member and friend who feels connected and enlivened, rather than drained and depleted.
  • You want to be your better self more of the time and your “barely-getting-by-self” less and less.
  • You are overwhelmed by the expectation of life at this time: caregiving for elders, the ill or handicapped, or young children; working in a service profession such as teaching, healthcare, military service, or religion.

We live in a fast-paced world that outpaces the speed of human hearts and souls, our bodies and minds striving and struggling to keep up with all that is expected of us. As a result, we often develop exhausted, fatigued bodies, run by overwhelmed, self-judgmental, anxious minds. Our hearts become weary and shut down and we lose connection to our souls, the essence of who we truly are, who we were meant to be, how want to be, in this precious life.

Through Wisdom Scout, I inspire, guide, and support as I coach and teach you, your family or your organizational team. With my Big Basket of Wisdom, my kind heart, creative approaches, intuitive insights, and wealth of experience, together we will craft strategies and plans for turning things around by:

  1. Assessing where things are in and out of balance.
  2. Teaching you mindfulness skills and practices to begin the process of re-balancing, re-framing, and re-visioning.
  3. Coaching you as you learn, try out, and refine new skills, practices, and routines.
  4. Helping you acknowledge, honor, and adjust to significant life experiences and transitions by designing healing and celebratory ceremonies and rituals.

Big Basket of Wisdom

I have a Big Basket of Wisdom that I have spent a lifetime gathering; scouting out what works through intense study, trying it out in my own life and work, revising and refining as needed for each person or situation, while reviewing the current research as I go along: tools, approaches, perspectives, and practices, as well as a wealth of personal and professional experience from which to craft individualized services for my clients. Through deep study of healing practices across cultures and times, I discovered there are essential, practical, consistent, effective ways of balancing and re-invigorating our whole selves, body, mind, heart, and soul, inducing harmony, health, and well-being in the process. Not therapy, yet therapeutic. Some of the therapeutic and healing treasures in Christy’s Big Basket of Wisdom, which she loves to share with others, are:

  • Mindfulness/Awareness
  • Meditation, Centered Prayer, Contemplation, Reflection, Relaxation, Breathing Practices, Yoga Nidra
  • Mindful Movement, Yoga, Tai Chi
  • Creative Expression: Writing, Art and Craft, Storytelling, Art Journals, Hand Work
  • Intuition, Inner Wisdom and Guidance
  • Relationship Dynamics
  • Emotional Literacy
  • Attention, Intention, Energy, Connection
  • Leadership, Service, Visioning
  • Communication and Conflict Resolution
  • Change Process
  • Ceremony and Ritual