Cultivating Cross-Fitness of the Heart and Soul

Mar 13, 2013


Being human means we are continuously faced with transitions of one sort or another: predictable and unexpected, joyful and painful, easeful and challenging. A big life question is: how can we learn to navigate through change, living lives of resilience and transformation, even transcendence, rather than of so much frustration, reactivity and stuckness?

Navigational support for this journey is everywhere. Religious and spiritual teachers from every faith and culture have clear and helpful teachings to ease our journey, open our awareness and our hearts, develop resilience of spirit, and to guide us in our abilities to grow stronger and kinder towards ourselves and others. Most fascinating, is how at their core, they are all leading us such similar practices and insights.

I have a number of colleagues and acquaintances that tend to their physical fitness through a program called Cross Fit. The premise of the program, as I understand it, is that it is broad, general, and inclusive, easily adapted to age, experience, present fitness level, training goals, etc.  It is the opposite of many other exercise programs which focus on one doctrinal method or specialization. Hmmmm……what an interesting approach to fitness of the body, so similar to what the sages across time have recommended for the fitness of heart and soul.

We can explore ways to cultivate Cross-Fitness of the heart and soul in order to prepare ourselves to move through transitions with more ease and grace, to ripen ourselves for transformation and transcendence.

A wonderful place to begin is with the practice of curiosity and wonder. How curious are you? What is the relationship between curiosity and certainty?

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