Fueling the Better Angels of Our Natures: Awe

One of the most interesting and uplifting findings around living a long, joyful, healthy life is the power of awe: putting ourselves in the presence of whatever inspires us with awe on a regular basis and then allowing ourselves to become not only curious, but overwhelmed with wonder, reverence, and admiration. The world is filled…

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Shattering and Mending

I am not a knic-knak person, but this bowl…. I loved the autumnal colors, the perfect size, the understated elegance of it so much that I hung it below the mantel in my dining room. There was nothing striking or attention grabbing about the bowl, yet somehow it brought the room to coherence. Our dining…

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Find a Rock

  My almost two-year old granddaughter is fascinated with rocks. Each week when she visits, she asks to go outside, then charges directly to my vegetable garden, the path through which is made of rocks, stones, and pebbles. She squats down and carefully picks up and examines one rock after another. Some go into her…

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