Healing through Ritual, Art, and Nature

Jun 25, 2012

Ritual, art, and nature are each a powerful and joyful way to heal the body and the soul. When you marry the three, magic happens!

I had the privilege and the pleasure, along with Heidi Darr-Hope, of Healing Icons, to lead a healing ritual of co-creating this gorgeous Healing Mandala with the participants of the Cancer as a Turning Point: From Surviving to Thriving conference, held in Spartanburg, SC, this past weekend.

Heidi and I gathered the mandala materials…

Then created the Healing Mandala beginnings by first creating a circle, a symbol of balance and wholeness..

Then adding a centering focus…

We put out baskets of river rocks (collected from the beautiful South Tow River), a rainbow assortment of silk threads and wildly textured weaving and knitting remnants, sprigs of healing eucalyptus, and flower petals ….

And then invited people to create a healing talisman by first choosing a rock, then, holding it in the palm of their hand, to bless it with a healing intention for themselves, another, or everyone.

And then to wrap their stone and and nature elements with colorful threads to seal and bind their prayerful, healing intentions.

The artful stones were then carefully placed within the Healing Mandala,  marinating in and contributing to the collective healing energy of the ritual.

Each stone talisman was its own object of beauty…

Each person could come reclaim their healing talisman, or swap with new friends, as they were leaving the conference.

Heidi and I gathered all the flowers and leaves to be returned to nature with thanks and gratitude for their gifts of  healing energy and beauty to close the ritual.

Heidi and I are delighted to have shared in such a soulful, spirited, kind, and caring community of healers, cancer survivors, family members, friends, and volunteers. Thank You!

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