Celebrating Myself!

May 10, 2012


One of my talents in life, one of the things that I love to do more than anything, is bring meaning, joy, and ritual to milestone life events: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, memorials, baby welcomings, etc.  I love to create heartfelt, unique celebrations, experiences, and momentoes for family members and friends, colleagues or strangers: to honor and capture the essence of who they are and the occasion they are celebrating. It is, to paraphrase Meister Eckhart , the place where my greatest gift intersects with a deep needin this world.

It is innately human to utilize the sharing of  food, decorations, words, images, symbols, rituals and traditions to mark any and all sorts of rites of passage. Unfortunately, for American humans in the 21st century, the natural human response to important life events through ceremony and celebration is not always so natural. Materialism and peer group expectations often guide the design and creation of events that could better serve us all if they were guided instead by our hearts, souls, and values, sharing who we are, rather than who we think others expect us to be.  And, after doing some work as an event planner and a wedding director, I came to the conclusion that too many couples and families were missing out on what really mattered, as they devoted enormous amounts of energy and money to things they later realized weren’t really what was important and significant in the long run. I wanted to assist others in putting themselves, their STORIES, their unique spirits and values (and their money) into a ceremony that was rich, meaningful, memorable, and filled with love and joy.

AND SO……….. I made the decision last summer to deepen and expand my knowledge, understanding, and skills around symbolic ritual, ceremony, celebration, and rites of passage. I wanted to become a ceremony expert, to be of service to others, from all faiths and cultures, for “all the children of the world,” a dream I have had since I sang that song every day as a little girl. I wanted to coach and guide each couple or family as together we imagined, planned, and created the sorts of celebrations and events that captured the essence of who they are, what they value and hold dear. To create ceremonies which invited  guests to feel included and able to offer support for whatever transition someone may be undergoing: a marriage, a retirement, a new business opening, an anniversary event, a vow renewal, a milestone birthday, welcoming a new baby into the family………the possibilities are endless. I wanted to write and tell their story as part of the ceremony. And if needed, even officiate the ceremony.mom cropped

AND SO…….I applied for and was accepted into the Celebrant Foundation and Institute’s Programs for Celebrancy Studies, with a certification in weddings.  After months of life changing coursework, hours and hours each week of reading and writing, of learning about the rituals and customs from cultures and religions across the globe and across time, of creating practice ceremonies and reviewing ceremonies, I graduated on Sunday morning, April 28. The amazing and joyful ceremony was held in the Hyatt on the Hudson River, with the NYC skyline outside the glass ballroom, with the Statue of Liberty just outside the window wall behind the stage; breathtaking and lifemaking beyond imagination.

I am now a certified Life Cycle Celebrant, helping you and yours live the art of life through personalized ceremonies. I welcome your question, inquiries, and well wishes.

Addendum: In April of 2014, I complete coursework and certification in creating and officiating Healing Ceremonies for individuals, families, and communities.

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