Hunger for Meaning and Connection in My Overflowing Social Media Pantry

One of the things I have noticed more acutely over the past couple of months, as the world as I have known it has shifted daily, was how much more time I was spending on social media, as well as how…frankly, yucky I was feeling as I did. I had done this social media experiment…

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The Wisdom of Books: The Language of Flowers

One of the places I gather wisdom is in wonderful novels. And one of the things that makes a novel wonderful for me is when it leaves me thinking, questioning, wondering, when I can feel the sands shifting in my mind around something that I had thought was solid ground before. This ability to disturb…

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Beginning in the Middle

I am beginning this blog and web site in a middle place. I have been coaching, teaching, and consulting for a long time, so I am in the middle of my coaching career. I am in the middle of my life. I am in the middle generation between my children and my dad.  I am…

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