I teach yoga for any age and for every body. Literally! 

My specialty is working with people who are mid-life and beyond, as well as anyone with chronic health conditions, or who has not been active in a long time...or ever. 

Wisdom Scout Yoga is a good choice for you if you are interested in having

  • Calm, Centered, Presence
  • Fluent, Aligned Posture
  • Strength, Flexibility, and Balance

Many students prefer one-on-one, or very small group instruction, when they first begin a practice. I will tailor the practice to meet your health goals, giving you a solid foundation in the postures, how to modify them for your body type, as well as including therapeutic approaches to support particular health conditions. After a few private sessions, I can guide you into finding a local class that best fits your needs or design a personalized in-home practice routine to meet your needs and goals.

Research shows that yoga is a valuable part of a holistic health plan for many people with chronic, or ongoing health conditions. In particular, a consistent yoga practice improves the relaxation response, which is so important with stress related diseases, or the stress associated with having a chronic illness. I offer a therapeutic approach to yoga for:
Anxiety and depression
Chronic Pain
Heart disease
Pulmonary disease
Arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis

Contact me to discuss a private yoga session, or to create a small group class for your church, family, or a few friends or co-workers.